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Thank you for visiting THE CARIBBEAN COLLECTIVE. We are a concierge service specializing in forging professional relationships between organizations in the United States and the Caribbean. Entertainment, media production, and tourism are our specialities in helping your business grow globally.

When it comes to event planning, television production, media trade-outs, publicity, and general navigation between certified businesses and organizations of the Caribbean and American ilk, we’ve got you covered.

2010 Partnerships:

The Barbados Experience

Crystal’s Bar & Lounge

DayLight Media, Inc.

Designs By Alicia P.

The Girlfriend’s Expo

Honey Cat Cosmetics

The Innoventive Group

Island Queen 2010

Juicy Magazine

Madame Chang Photography

Martini Pink Productions

Snow Storm Inc.

Tish Celestine Hair Styling

For more detailed information:

Elon@TheCaribbeanCollective.com ://: 347.850.3576